Relative URLs in Jekyll

Found this great resource that explains how to create dynamic paths when linking your images in your layouts:

The layouts were in _layout directory but the images are in images directory. Since the pages using the layout are also organized in different directories, the   path would change based on where the .html was located. Because of this, the images were breaking because the path to the file kept changing depending on where in our project directory the .html existed.

To prevent this issue, using {{site.github.url}} loads the images correctly.

Github Pages

Did you know that you can use Github Pages to host your websites live?

It’s free and easy to setup whether you are on Windows or Mac.

There are two different types of Github Pages, one for Users & Organizations, and one for Projects. Each User & Organization can only have ONE Github Page. With each Github Page, you can have unlimited Project Pages. Project Pages are located as a subpath to the User Page ( To get more information about the similarities and differences, click here.

To set up a User Page, you first will need to create a new repository called (where username is your Github username). This will be the URL of your website.

Then follow the instructions located here:

To read about setting up a custom domain, go here.
Adding a CNAME file to your repository (for custom domains), go here.