Block Level Elements in HTML
5 Things You Should Know About HTML5
Designing a blog with HTML5
HTML & CSS Quandries
HTML5 Features You Must Know
Check Browser Compatibility
Advanced HTML5 – They also have Beginner and Intermediate
Sections and Outlines of an HTML5 Document
The Truth About Multiple H1 Tags In The HTML5 Era
How to Section
Best Practices
Embedding Video


Complete Guide to Centering in CSS
Useful Nth Child Recipes
Copy and Paste CSS Recipes
CSS3 Patterns
CSS Shape Editor – Chrome
How To Center In CSS
CSS Zen Garden – See the amazing things CSS can do
Awesome CSS3 Features
CSS That You Don’t Know About
Compass – Use it with SASS
Best Practices
The Inception Rule
CSS Guidelines
Github Styleguide
Write Your Best Code


UI Gradients – Beautiful color gradients
Font Awesome – The iconic font and css toolkit
Brand Colors – HTML hex codes for famous brands
Color Hexa – Color schemes and their hex codes
Skitterphoto – Free stock images
Morguefile – Free stock images
Unsplash – Free stock images
Pexels – Free stock images
Free Range Stock – Free stock images
Vector Graphics
Vecteezy – Free vector art
Icon Finder – Largest collection of both premium and free icons
Script Den – Free design templates
Just In Mind – Free prototyping, wireframing software
Style Tiles
Icon Monster
Mockups and Wireframes
Wireframes for Web and Mobile
Free Wireframes
View HTML & CSS Blocks
Check a Web Page’s Font – Chrome Extension

MakerBook A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.

Front-end Frameworks


HTML5 Boilerplate
Tympanus Website Templates