Coding Schools

Online Coding Schools:

Codecademy [] FREE, learn PHP, Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Command Line, jQuery, and build projects.
FreeCodeCamp [] FREE, GREAT community and challenging lessons. Focused on full-stack JavaScript using MEAN and Node.js. Work on real projects for non-profits to add to your portfolio. [] FREE guide for web development
Khan Academy [] FREE, learn ANYTHING
Dash from General Assembly [https://dash.generalassemb.lyFREE, create your first website and learn HTML/CSS and JavaScript basics. Very beginner friendly.
Code School [] some FREE courses, some subscription based. VERY good online video tutorials.
Hackerrank []FREE, great place to practice algorithms, learn new languages.
Codermanual [$499, or $39 with the discount from StackSocial here. Learn Ruby on Rails and become a full-stack developer. Really great video tutorials.
Skillcrush [$399 per blueprint
Tuts+ [] some are FREE, some are paid
Odin Project [ guide and links for web development
Viking Code School [] (Bought by Thinkful 2018) From the creators of Odin Project.

In-Person Coding Schools:

Per Scholas in Atlanta (as well as NY, Columbus, Cincinnati, DC, Dallas)
Cost: FREE
2 programs:
– IT Support
– Web Development Immersion with General Assembly
17-week full-time course. 5 weeks with Per Scholas, 12 weeks with General Assembly

Recurse Center
Location: NYC, New York
Immersive 3-month self-directed retreat $0, FREE
Grants for housing

Location: Atlanta, GA
Immersive 12-week internship environment $0, FREE
Working with LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) and MVC frameworks

App Academy
Location: San Francisco, CA
Immersive 12-week full-stack web developer program, FREE
$5,000 deposit to hold your place. Refunded back to you when you complete the program.
Pay a placement fee only if you find a job as a developer after the program. The fee is 18% of your first year salary, payable over the first 6 months after you start working.
98% of their graduates have offers or are working in tech jobs now at an average salary of $105,000 (SF in 2014) or $89,000 (NY in 2014).

Grace Hopper Academy
For women only!
Location: NYC, NY
Immersive 3-month program, FREE
Pay tuition only after you graduate and get a job.

Ada Developers Academy
For women only!
Location: Seattle, WA
Immersive 1-year program, FREE
Seven months of full-time classroom instruction + five months of real internship training.

Dev Mountain

Location: Provo, Utah and Dallas, TX,
Immersive 13-week Web-Dev course $8,900-9,500
Price includes housing, gym, public transit

2 thoughts on “Coding Schools

  1. I am very new to the whole coding thing and remembering what everything does. I especially love how easy your codecamp solutions are to understand compared to others I have seen on the internet. Right now I am learning the codecamp stuff but I recently found another place like it called I was wondering if you heard of it. It has introduced me to Ruby which I really like compared to the javascript stuff but they also have videos explaining more than what codecamp lessons has. I’m just trying to take advantage of all the free stuff I can find and I really love how informative your site is about your experience and everything else.


    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as frequently but I’m glad to hear my blog is helpful to you! I have not heard of, thank you for sharing! I’m gonna check it out! Feel free to reach out if you have anything you are stuck on while learning.


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