Find a Mentor:

Online Coding Sandboxes – great for developing front-end projects or playing around
Cloud9 – online IDE – great for testing snippets of code in various languages

Coding Challenges

Checkio – Python and JavaScript languages only
Codingame – Great interface!
Hacker Rank
Code Chef
Code Wars
Coder Byte

Jobs– Coding challenge required – Coding challenge required
Tech404 – Slack channel – #jobs room
Stack Overflow Job Board

Upload your resume and fill out your profile on:

This lets recruiters and other HR personnel find you.

Text Editors

Sublime Text 3

Regular Expressions



JavaScript Jabber

Syntax – started by Wes Bos and mainly about JavaScript
Ruby Rogues
Start Here: Web Development
Getting Hired At A Start-up by Art of Charm

How To Get Noticed

A Programmer’s Portfolio
How To Explain Your Career Transition
How Important Is It To Have An Online Presence?
Brand Yourself
Your Github Portfolio
The Power of a Programming Portfolio
Google Web Presence



How to get a programmer job
Learn to Code with Me by Laurence Bradford
Negotiating Salary


How to make a perfect pitch
10-20-30 Presentation Rule by Guy Kawasaki
Presentation Hacks
Pitch in 3 Minutes
Best Pitch Decks
Minimum Viable Product Guide
10 Awesome MVPs from Lean Startup Machine
MVP by Eric Ries
MVP examples

Code Review

Workflow for Github Based Code Review
Code Review
Code Review With Git


Postman – Build, test, and document APIs
Jupyter – Create and share live code

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