OpenWeatherMap API in Postman

How to use Postman to test the OpenWeatherMap API:
1. First go to the OpenWeatherMap website, click on ‘Subscribe’ under ‘Current weather data’ and sign up for a free API key:
2. Then when you are logged in, navigate to the API Keys tab:
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160606225904

3. My key is not showing above, but you would want to copy that key.

4. To learn more on how to use the API key in OpenWeatherApp, you can go here:

To make an API call (directions in the URL above), use this example:{APIKEY}

Where {APIKEY} should be replaced with the key you copied in step 3.

5. Open Postman and past the whole URL into the GET ‘Enter request URL’ field like so:
Unnamed QQ Screenshot20160606230526

You’ll be able to see the object result.

Read more here.

Really helpful intro to API’s.

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