Back Coding

I’m back at it!

It’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog. I had been so busy over the 2015 holiday season searching and applying for jobs. I finally got my first developer job in February and started on February 29, 2016. It’s been so exciting to finally get to apply what I’ve been learning in a real-world setting, solving real problems and trying to find creative solutions.

I’ve learned a lot about databases hosted by SQL Server and Oracle, the differences and similarities. It’s been interesting searching, joining, manipulating data. Although I don’t know where my career is headed, as it’s still early, I’m excited to have found a job doing something I enjoy and am looking forward to seeing what’s next!

I started my career change, learning HTML and CSS back in April 2015. It took me about 10 months since starting to get my first job as a junior developer. I would say the thing that helped me the most was NETWORKING. Get on and go to as many tech meetups as you can. Search for ‘Ruby’, ‘PHP’, ‘Web Development’, ‘Agile’, JavaScript’. Go on Facebook and add ‘Newbie Coder Warehouse’. Search for FreeCodeCamp in your city on Facebook. They are bound to have an online community. Talk to all the recruiters that introduce themselves. Get to know the hosts and regular attendees. They will be the ones that will think of you when they hear of an opening.



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