The Web & Design

Viking Code School Prep Work – Test Yourself

URL – Uniform Resource Locator, the address of a web page
Domain – the website URL
IP Address – Internet Protocol Address, numerical identification label assigned to each device
DNS – Domain Name System, where all domain names are stored
HTTP – HyperText Transfer Protocol
HTTPS – protocol for secure communication
POP & IMAP & SMTP – protocols for mail delivery

  • Post Office Protocol – allows email client to download emails locally from an email server
  • Internet Message Access Protocol – similar to POP3 but also keeps a copy of the email on the server.
  • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol – allows you to send a message to your server and then the server routes to the final destination.

API – Application Program Interface
Web Server – hardware or software that dispenses web pages
Bugs – errors
The Cloud – internet-based computing
Cookies – information that a website puts on your hard disk so that it can remember something about you at a later time
404 Error – server cannot find what was requested
SEO – Search Engine Optimization


WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get
Responsive Design – scale your design for all devices
Grid System – using rows and columns to design your web page
RGB – Red, Green, Blue
Hex – codes colors are labeled with
Above the Fold – the portion of the web page that is visible when the page first loads
GUI – Graphical User Interface
Front End / Back End – front end is what user sees, back end is behind the scenes

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