Add to Calender link in Mailchimp

I currently help organize the Free Code Camp Atlanta Meetup and am creating an email newsletter for people who don’t use Facebook to get updates about our next meeting. A user pointed out that it would be great if there was an option to add the event to their mobile calendar.

Currently, there is no easy add-to-calendar option in Mailchimp when creating email templates (not that I know of anyway), so how can you add an option for your readers to add events to their calendar?

You can manually create a URL!

To do this,

1. Start your calendar URL with:

2. Add the title of the event:

The &text= is necessary before you start your title.
The plus signs (+) will show up as spaces in the calendar event.

3. Add the date and time:

Next you will need to add the start date time and the end date time using &dates=.

    YYYYMMDD is the year/month/date
  • Follow the starting YYYYMMDD with a T to separate the date from the starting time.
  • HHMMSS is the starting time. This needs to be in GMT format and will adapt to your user’s timezone.
  • Z needs to be at the end of the time

Follow the same format for the ending date and time.

Since I am in the EST zone, I used this really helpful chart to convert my time into GMT. (We really need to get rid of Daylight Savings Time in the U.S. It’s so confusing to me.)

4. Add a description!%0AMeet+at+Atlanta+Bread+Company%0AInside+the+Perimeter+Pointe+shopping+center+next+to+Regal+Cinemas%0ADo+not+forget+your+laptops

  • Here, to denote a line break, use %0A
  • To denote a double line break, use %0A+%0A

5. Add the address:!Meet+at+Atlanta+Bread+CompanyInside+the+Perimeter+Pointe+shopping+center+next+to+Regal+CinemasDo+not+forget+your+laptops&location=1155+Mount+Vernon+Hwy,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328

So your URL will end up looking something like this when you finish:!%0AMeet+at+Atlanta+Bread+Company%0AInside+the+Perimeter+Pointe+shopping+center+next+to+Regal+Cinemas%0ADo+not+forget+your+laptops&location=1155+Mount+Vernon+Hwy,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328

Copy and paste your URL into your browser to test how it will look!

Got these steps from the great article about it from Hubspot here.