How to add your solution to a project on Odin

If you are doing the lessons on The Odin Project, then you’ll know that they have several projects for each lesson you do. They offer a really cool option to add your solution to their website. If you are confused as to how to do it, below is a link as well as instructions:

Watch how here:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Odin Project page and find this icon. Click on it to get the link to the exact Github file where you can add your solution:

2. Click the link corresponding to what you want to do. There is one for fixing errors and one for adding your solution. If you are adding a solution, click the first link:

github repo odin

3. You will be taken to their Github page where the lesson is located. Click the edit button and scroll to find the project you are adding your solution to:

4. Add your name and your Github link where it says to:

Odin Edit Github

5. Then scroll the Github page to the bottom to write a note under Propose File Change. Click the green Propose File Change button when you are finished.

propose file change github

6. You will be taken to a pull request page and will need to click the Create Pull Request green button.

pull request github

7. Confirm your title and comment. Then click the green Create Pull Request button at the bottom of the text fields.

create pull request github

8. You will be taken to a page that looks something like the below image. Now you just have to wait for The Odin Project to add your name onto the website!

pull request screenshot

9. Added!
solution odin project

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