LAMP Camp – FREE Developer Program

I applied to LAMP Camp today. Not sure if I will actually do it if accepted, but it seemed like a great deal.

“LAMP Camp is a fully-sponsored developer education program from the Cresca Group’s IT & Development Team that teaches people to build enterprise-level applications with PHP, MySQL, Javascript and much more.”

It’s a free program that starts any Monday you are ready and goes for 12 weeks. I’m learning Ruby on Rails at the moment and am unsure if I should pursue a PHP course, but they offer you a certificate of completion and you work in a small team, so it’s not a typical classroom setting. 12 weeks just means that I will still have to be unemployed and if I start this program in August, I’ll be unemployed through November. If they guaranteed a job after the program, and if I could eventually work remotely from anywhere in the world, it would be worth it.

Will have to do more research and learn the basics of PHP before I can attend.

Anyway, we’ll see if I get accepted.

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