Tuts+: Create a Retro Star Wars Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Create a Retro Star Wars Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop from Tuts+

Their final product:

Star Wars Text Effect

This is today’s great and easy to follow tutorial. It took me longer than it should have taken me because my Photoshop program kept crashing on me for no reason. There was a runtime error that didn’t give me any information on what was causing the crashing. Finally I was able to finish the tutorial, but then while I was trying to customize the text to my name, Photoshop crashed again, so I think that’s the universe telling me that’s enough for today.

Here is my final product:

Star Wars

It turned out pretty well! Just some things I need to work on

  1. The ‘R’ and the ‘S’ in Wars didn’t connect while I was typing the text so they are separated in the final product. If I can get Photoshop to work again, I’ll have to fix that.
  2. The outline of Star Wars isn’t vivid and crisp like in the tutorial. Not sure why, will have to figure that out.

Ruby: Where to start?

To start with Ruby, someone recommended to try Learn Ruby the Hard Way. They said, it would be intimidating at first, but if you are able to go through the lessons twice, you will be able to learn all you need to know about Ruby. Well, I got to exercise 17 and just threw my hands up. There are many terms that aren’t explained and the guide encourages you to search for the answers on your own, but that can be frustrating when all you want to understand are the simple terms. At the end of each lesson, there are bonus exercises you can do on your own, but I found them extremely challenging as a beginner.

So, because I had been doing the HTML/CSS and JavaScript tutorials from Codecademy.com, I also dived into their Ruby tutorial. I really enjoy their Ruby tutorial because it is definitely geared towards a beginner who knows nothing about coding or Ruby at all. They explain a lot of terms in an easy-to-understand way that doesn’t go over your head. Their steps are easy to follow, even if you don’t quite understand what you are doing at first, so you are able to see some results and pass their lessons without feeling intimidated.

After doing their Ruby tutorial, I moved onto their Rails tutorial, which is less clear and not so self-explanatory, so I haven’t finished them. There is also a Ruby on Rails: Authentication and Authorization that Codecademy.com that’s a short 2 hour lesson. With both the Rails tutorials on Codecademy hard for me to follow, I went searching for other free resources.

Attending Tech Talent South: Atlanta’s Zero to Heroku workshop at their downtown office, I was able to get an introduction to Ruby on Rails that was more easy to follow. Check out their lesson here.

Tech Talent South also has another really easy to follow workshop named Intro to Ruby on Rails that I recommend doing after their Zero to Heroku tutorial. It does everything you learn in Zero to Heroku plus touches on design and changing the HTML of a page to make the views more visually appealing.