Create Pride Rainbow Overlay in Illustrator

How to Create a Pride Rainbow Overlay in Illustrator

What this tutorial from Tuts+ teaches you to make:

Pride Rainbow Tutorial

I didn’t have the time today to find a portrait to apply it too, so I decided to do the overlay on the Silhouette building in Midtown, Atlanta. I took the photo back in May when I did a photo tour with my brother around Midtown. This is the original photo:


These are my rainbow overlays. Basically, the tutorial teaches you how to create your own color swatches and make a gradient with them. Which one do you like better?


How to move a repository from BitBucket to Github

  1. Create a new empty repository in GitHub (without readme or license, you can add them before) and the following screen will show

  2. Inside to import code option you paste your bitbucket URL’s repo and voil√†!!

Click in import code

Resource link:


The design tutorials were frustrating because I felt like I was really behind on everything that had happened in regards to topography, font, layout, color scheme, etc. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have new features and shortcuts that I have to really learn from the beginning. JavaScript was also getting me nowhere. I couldn’t wrap my head around the code involved in making a simple button work on a website.

That’s when I came across the language Ruby on Rails. This was my first experience with it, to get a feel for it:

The tutorial is made in such an easy and fun way, with a great interface, that I got really excited about it! I felt like it was simple and similar to English so it was easy for my head to grasp the concepts.

Reading this guy’s blog helped me a lot:

He breaks down his journey and process through learning Ruby on Rails and makes it sound so feasible and realistic. He provides great resources like the above TryRuby link, as well as Michael Hartl’s Ruby on Rails guide.