My Purpose


I have created this blog to help me document my journey towards web development. I chose the name ‘cestmonvoyage’ because it is also about my life journey. C’est mon voyage is French for ‘this is my journey’ which is suitable for my purposes (and because ‘journey of a lifetime [voyage d’une vie]’ was taken :P). Though my current journey in life is focused on pursuing a new career in the realm of web development, who knows what may happen along the way that may change my focus. I am prepared to continue updating this blog whatever my focus may be and I hope you enjoy the journey as well.

I have come to accept that life will throw random things your way and you will have to adapt to these changes as best as possible. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it is hard. It’s the hard ones that I look forward to because they are the ones that change you and encourage your wisdom and growth. I have had a very fun and enjoyable life so far, albeit with its own challenges, but I have had complete control in my decisions and have had extraordinary experiences along the way.

I have reached a point in my life where I feel like my breezy laid-back lifestyle cannot support me financially and so I am trying to find a ‘career’ to devote my energies so that I can save money. Web development came to me one day while I was writing down a list of things I was good at. In high school, I was very active on Xanga, Geocities, and Yahoo, teaching myself HTML and editing blog themes. I would run to my computer after school and work on creating websites using Geocities and the Yahoo web builder (which both don’t exist anymore). I was listening to a lot of music at the time and making movie-themed desktop wallpapers using Photoshop, so I created a website where you could look up song lyrics and another where I could share my desktop wallpapers with others.

After starting college, my course work took over much of my time and I didn’t keep up with the technology community. Now so many things exist and there are so many web languages to learn. It’s been a bit overwhelming, so I am starting slowly again.

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